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Product Item : Easty HOT (High Speed Roll & Piece)
Product description : Easty Ltd Industrial Heat Press Rotary Calender machine Calendar sublimation Calandra sublimacion Heat Transfer machine dye sublimation machine digital printing machine

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Easty Industrial HS series Rotary Heat Transfer Press is designed for large productivity of sublimation heat transfer, which linear speed is up to 15m per minute. There are new high speed printers available in the market. Oil drum of HS Rotary Heat Transfer Press is increased to 800mm/31.5″, 1000mm/39.4″, 1200mm/47″ and 1500mm/59″ to cope with larger capacity.

Rotary Heat Transfer Press Features

– Chromium coated Oil drum (Diameter: 800mm/31.5″, 1000mm/39.4″, 1200mm/47″ and 1500mm/59″)
– Aligning Material and Felt Automatically
– Detecting Temperature on the Surface
– Controlling Temperature Precisely (Controllable Silicon Solid State Relay)
– Blanket Tension Controlled by Piston
– Fabric/Transfer Paper/Tissue Paper Tension Controlled by Compressed Air
– Daily Power On/off
– User-friendly Interface with Touch Screen
– Over-feeding System for Spandex
– Width Expanding System
– Fabric Cooling System
– High-end Fabric Aligning System (optional)
– Fabric Water Cooling System (optional)
– Fabric Discharge Swinging System (optional)
– Electric Crane (optional)

Data Sheet
Easty Rotary Heat Press HOT-17100 HOT-17120 HOT-17150
Cylinder Oil-Heated, 100% Full
Voltage 3Phases, 380V
 Power 95kW
 Heating Elements 45/57/72
Diameter of Drum 1200mm (Available in 1000mm/1500mm)
Transfer Speed 3-15m/min
Max Temperature 230°C or 446°F
Transfer Width 1700mm
Felt Width 1880mm
Process Path Feeding in through Bottom of Drum
 Roll-to-Roll Yes
 Piece-to-Piece No
 Feeding Rollers 4
 Collecting Rollers 4
Auto Felt Alignment Yes
Auto Fabric Alignment Yes
Machine Dimension 5300mm x 3300mm x 2500mm
209′ x 130′ x 98′
5700mm x 3600mm x 2900mm
224′ x 142′ x 114′
5900mm x 3800mm x 3000mm
232′ x 150′ x 118′
Net Weight 7500kg or 16535lb 8000kg or 17637lb 8200kg or 18078lb
Gross Weight 8000kg or 17637lb 8340kg or 18387lb 8490kg or 18717lb
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