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Fabric Coating Machine ETPM

Fabric Coating Machine ETPM

Product Item : ETPM-1800-3200
Product description : Easty Textile Pre-coating Machine coater liquid fabric coating polyester coating steaming washing cotton

Why Believe on Easty

  • Quality excellent
  • Price moderate
  • Innovative technology
  • Delivery on time
  • After service assured
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  •  Widely Used for Rolls Cotton, Silk, Polyester, Flag, Curtain, Blanket and Towel, etc..
    Coat to Fabric Before Heat Transfer or Direct Printing
  • Equipped with Heating Chambers and Heating Oil Drum to dry instantly
  • Very even and stable liquid control and output
  • Make Coated Fabric More Glossy
  • Pneumatic Control System
  • Customized Chamber can be Made for Different Speed


Model EMTP-1800
Coating Width 1800mm or 71”

(other widths can be customized at 2200mm, 2400mm, 2600mm, 3200mm)

Heating Chamber 1-6 Chambers (spec of 2 chambers for reference)

3 PCS Quartz Infra-Red Heating Element Per Chamber, 18KW

Oil Drum Heating Diameter: 370mm or 14.5”, 15KW
Total Power 36KW
Weight 2000Kg (4400LB)
Machine Size 6800 * 2680 * 1900mm (268” * 106” * 75”)
Heating Chamber Speed (Cotton 130gsm)
1 standard 1.5m/min (4.9’/min)
2 standard 3.0m/min (4.9’/min)
3 standard 4.0m/min (4.9’/min)
  • Fabric Coating machine/ Textile Coating Machine is large format machine, need 3 engineers for onsite installation
  • Fully Sealed Chamber can be upgraded from Standard chamber
  • Blanket and oil drum are not under warranty
  • Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)

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