Wide Format Heat Transfer Machine | Heat Press | EFOT Easty

Wide Format Heat Transfer Machine | Heat Press | EFOT Easty

Product Item : Easty EFOT-S
Product description : Easty Ltd Flatbed Heat Press

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Wide Format Heat Transfer Machine EFOT-S

Easty EFOT Wide format Heat Transfer Machine is suitable for thermal transferring on garment, flat sheets, cut piece, ski, metal plate, seat pad and foot pad etc. Advantages of this heat transfer machine are,

– Three-way Open Shuttle for Making Long Fabric
– Distributing Temperature and Pressure Evenly
– Strong Pneumatic Pressure Allows Deep Ink Penetration
– Max Size: 1.10m x 1.70m or 43″ x 67″
– Simple Mechanical Design – Easy for Maintenance
– Vacuum Heat Press is available upon request

There’re two version for EFOT heat press, FOT-S is pneumatic three-way open design, FOT-(D) is hydraulic design with strong pressure)


Heat Press Model EFOT-1012S EFOT-1215S EFOT-1012 EFOT-1015 EFOT-1012D EFOT-1015D
Heating media Stainless steel heating plate, single side heating SSHP, double side heating
Heating element 12pcs 15pcs 12pcs 12pcs 24pcs 24pcs
Voltage 3 phase 220V or 380V
Power 18KW 22KW 15KW 18KW 25KW 30KW
Transfer temperature 220℃ 240℃
Transfer size 900 x 1000 1100 x 1400 1000 x 1200 1000 x 1500 1000 x 1200 1000 x 1500
Mechanical system Double Cyliner Pneumatic Double Shuttle Hydraulic


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