Roll Slitter Machine | Roll Slitting Machine RS-2800 Easty

Product Item : RS-2800
Product description : Easty RS Entry Roll Slitter Roll Slitting, ERS roll slitter, RS roll slitter, slitting machine, banner lonas vinyl cutting roll

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RS Roll Slitter Machine is designed as fully functional model at competitive price. New design slitter use double supporting shaft instead of inner fixing system, which make cutting regardless of width possible. To fit large rolls and better cutting, RS roll slitter motor is equipped on blade.


– Banner / flex / mesh / tarpaulin

– Reflective / sheeting / self-adhesive vinyl

– Foam adhesive tape / double-sides adhesive tape / application tape


– Material lay-down design makes it easier to load material (especially heavy rolls)

– Foot switch control when cutting, easy control

– Equipped with gear blade for PVC material

– Double supporting shafts rotate, greatly reduce machine cost

– Blade is equipped with motor for stronger power

– Suitable for wide ranges of diameter core regardless the length

– Position of blade can be set manually

– Good and smooth cutting edge, accuracy within 3mm



Easty Roll Slitter RS-2800
Rated Input Power 2180W
Voltage / Frequancy Single phase 220V / 110V, 50Hz
Max. Speed Up to 3800 r/min
Max. Loading weight 700 kgs
Diameter of Blade 355mm
Max. Cutting Diameter 300mm
Packing Size (Wooden Crate) 2900 * 550 * 800 mm

*Parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time, not including consumable blades)

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