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Product Item : FRS-1700/2000
Product description : Easty fabric Roll Slitter Vinyl Slitter Banner Slitter Film Slitter

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Best fabric roll slitter or textile roll slitting machine in the market? Easty has developed models like automatic, semi-automatic and manual roll slitters for textiles, non-woven, plastics and technical textiles (like fiber glass, kevlar, carbon) and paper.

Easty FRS Automatic Roll Slitter is ideal solutions for cutting large roll materials into needed width, like non-woven fabric, leather, clothing fabrics, chemical fiber, PV material, paper etc. in precise level. Its loading material diameter can be up to Ø600mm. FRS fabric slitter has been optimised to various fabric rolls for different fields of work, like: agriculture, protection, waterproofing, textile architecture, digital and screen printing, construction and rehabilitation, etc.


A. PLC Program Touch Input – Allow Auto Cutting with 5 different size roll at the same time.

B. Servo Motor with Digital Control – High Accuracy Performance.

C. Fully Automatic Cutting Function

D. English / Chinese Control Interface

E. With Blade Sharpening Function – Long Blade Life Time



Easty Roll Slitter FRS-1735 FRS-2035 FRS-1761 FRS-2061
Max. Working Width 100-1700mm 100-2000mm 100-1700mm 100-2000mm
Max. Roll Diameter Φ300mm Φ600mm
Blade Diameter Φ350mm Standard Φ610mm D2
Core Size 1.5” (metal shaft) or 3″(shaft with protection)
Variable Working Speed 0-200rpm/min
Accuracy + / – 1mm for tight rolls
Power Consumption Blade 1.5KW + Shaft 1.5KW + Sharpen 200W Blade 3KW + Shaft 1.5KW + Sharpen 200W
Power Requirement 220V AC; 110V AC; 380V AC / 60HZ
Machine Size 2900*1250*1200mm 3200*1250*1200mm 2900*1500*1200mm 3200*1500*1200mm
Shipping Dimensions 2950*1400*1400mm 3250*1400*1400mm 2950*1600*1400mm 3250*1600*1400mm
Weight ( N.W. / G.W.) 350kgs / 500kgs 400kgs / 550kgs 500kgs / 650Kg 550kgs / 700kgs

*  Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)

Fabric Slitting Machine


Fabric Slitting Machine is an important part of textile production. The accuracy and cutting effect in slitting determine the efficiency of resource management. Easty provides a wife range of high-quality Fabric Slitting machines and solutions for textiles and knitting mills. Advanced German photo sensors help in accurate needle detection on the fabric. We believe in continuous evolution and adoption of cutting-edge technology to provide better service to our valued clients. Our product lineup comes with flexible feature solutions depending on your needs and production volume. We have tested all our fabric slitting machines under the most demanding working condition and tested for compatibility with all textile materials.



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