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Product Item : Eurotec ELT (Pro. Lanyard, Belt & Ribbon)
Easty ELT Narrow Web Heat Press Calender has been sold for since 2002 for the continuous printing of narrow web fabrics from shoe laces to seat belts.

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Easty offers the unmatched narrow web continuous belt rotary press lines. ELT Narrow Web Heat Press provides steel encased, oil filled heated drum, producing constant and even color transfer for continuous high-speed fabric sublimation. It has been designed to print continuous narrow web fabrics and textiles from a roll.
The lanyard rotary heat press comes with lanes for the substrates/transfer paper. The transfer paper for high production sublimation printing has traditionally been produced on printing presses. The cantilevered design also allows the operator access easily to the rolls. Our technology keeps the felt centered on the drum, avoiding costly delays. Furthermore, the dual unwind system allows the loading of more paper without stopping. This keeps the job rolling as long as you need and saves you valuable time and money. 
ELT calender design is unitized, making it portable, compact, and durable. In recent years, digital ink jet printers have made short run and customized printing a reality. Easty ELT narrow web calendar heat press is designed to operate equally well with either process. The new oil heated drum system allows high production speeds with minimum fluctuation of temperature across the width.

A. Hard chrome double-layer drum & Oil Filled Ensure Accurate Temperature

B. Auto shut down, Wise Blanket Release, Tighten & Accurate Auto Blanket Alignment

C. Strong Pneumatic Pressure for Thick Material, Pressure Balance Safety Device

D. For High Speed Mass Production & Double Side Transfer at same process

E. Available for Top(good for 2 sides print) or Bottom(easier operate) Feeding

F. Optional external power box available (with adjustable power, Ammeter, Voltmeter detection)

G. Optional Digital Screen Control (Intelligent Control; Auto Switch On; User Friendly Speed Settings; Wise Blanket Alignment)


ELT Calendar ELT-0621 ELT-0642 ELT-0942
Heating Media Heating Oil, 100% Oil Filled
Power (KW) 6KW, Single Phase 220V 12KW, 3 phase 220V / 380V 16KW, 3 phase 220V / 380V
Drum Diameter 210mm (8.27”) 420mm (16.54”)
Transfer Speed 1.1m/min (43.3”/min) Up to 2.37m/min (93.3”/min)
Temperature Up to 240℃ (464℉)
Heat Element 6pcs 15pcs
Transfer width 520mm (20.47”) 500mm (19.69”) 800mm (31.50”)
Spacers 20pcs 20pcs
Alignment Shaft 1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0cm (other sizes available upon request)
Application Roll-to-roll (ribbon, lanyard, belt, garment, etc.) Feeding in through top or bottom of drum
Rollers 2 feeding rollers & 2 air expansion collecting rollers
Air Cylinder Yes
Blanket 550*2000*8mm (22”x79”x0.31”) 550*3100*8mm (22”x122”x0.31”) 850*3100*8mm (37”x122”x0.31”)
Packing size

(2 Crates)

1.40*1.34*1.70 (55”x53”x67”) 1.8*1.58*1.62m(71”x62”x64”)




N.W. / G.W. 950kgs(2094lb) / 1000kgs(2205lb) 850kg (1874lb) / 1000kg (2205lb) 1100kg (2425lb) / 1200kg (2646lb)

* Blanket and oil drum are not under warranty* Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)


Auto Blanket Release

Wise Blanket Release & Optional External Power Box


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