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Dye sublimation printing

What is Sublimation Printing?

A chemical process, with the help of modern technology, sublimation process is being used in various sectors like garments, cleaners, toiletries, accessories, etc. 

Suppose you are interested to know about sublimation and sublimation printing. You are in the right place. Easty After looking over beginning to end. You will get appropriate explanations for all your queries about sublimation and sublimation printing.

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a technique, that are used to print designs onto various products. It is different from traditional techniques because it doesn’t require the ink to be printed on top of the paper. Instead, sublimation transfers heat into a particular type of ink to create an image that will last for years without fading or smudging.
Sublimation for doing the printing; is called sublimation printing. This printing is a special kind of printing where you require a sublimation printer.

Generally, solid becomes liquid after obtaining temperature gradually. Then liquid turns into gas. But some solid substances directly become gas without forming liquid. In which process solid material turns into a gas without forming liquid is called sublimation. Sublimation is a necessary process that is used in analytical standards and for separating substances.

Sublimation printing is an effective printing process and is an innovative invention of recent times. The advantages of using Sublimation printing are as follows:

a) You can use Easty ltd printer to print t-shirts, mugs, plates, and clocks, which was unthinkable before.
b) The process is very cost-effective because the unit cost remains the same.
c) Additionally, it is an easy and fast method. You can produce enormous products in a day.

What are 5 examples of sublimation?

a. Dry ice:
Dry ice is mainly solid carbon. This ice turns into a gas from a solid without forming water. It is used in ice cream parlors or for expensive cooking items in five-star hotels.

b. Air freshener:
Air freshener is a practical example of sublimation. Here solid air freshener turns into gas.

c. Freeze drying:
Freeze-drying is a process where you can remove water content from the product, and heat is added to reduce the pressure. Frozen food is made from freeze-drying.

d. Solid iodine:
Iodine is an important micronutrient for human beings. If you give heat to iodine, it will turn into the gas within some minutes.

e. Mothball:
Mothball is a chemical product used for storing new cloth or in the bathroom to decrease the dirty smell. It is also a sublimation example.

What do you need to print sublimation?

It would be best if you had some tools, row products, and devices for sublimation printing. Estay briefly describes all the equipment.
a.    Sawgrass sublimation ink:
For printing, you need ink as a first item for sublimation printing. Sublimation ink is water-based, so the quality is superior.
b.    Sublimation paper:
Sublimation paper is used for sublimation printing. It is a special kind of paper because this will not work for all types of printers. Sublimation ink turns into gas; then, it is pressed on this sublimation paper.
c.     Sublimation blanks:
Sublimation blanks are unique products that are coated with polymer. Those products may be ceramic, metal, plastics, and so on.
Read More: Quick Guide to Sublimation Blanks
d.    Sublimation printer:
The essential item for sublimation printing is the sublimation printer. By sublimation printer, you can permeate the material with the sublimation ink vapor.
e.    Heat press
The heat press is an essential part of sublimation printing. You require proper heat to make the solid ink into gas.
f.     A design software 
For the designing process, you need design software.

What is the mechanism of Sublimation printing?

The primary mechanism of sublimation printing is the sublimation process. Elaborately, the method of becoming gas directly from solid by receiving necessary temperature. It is a critical chemical technique.

Here, the ink is the solid substance, and by the heat-press gathers sensible heat and turns into gas, then pressed on the transfer paper according to the design.

How to do sublimation printing?

Sublimation has a simple procedure. Easty will clarify the entire process step by step for you.

Step 1:
Firstly, you need to create a design on a product design software. You can design whatever you want to do. Customers can select their design, or you can design thoughtfully.

Step 2:
Then send your preferred design to your sublimation printer and then again generate it onto a transfer paper.

Step 3:
The last step is heat pressing. Provide the proper heat then it will be a print on your product.
What does sublimation mean for T-Shirts?
T-shirt printing is a promising category of sublimation printing. You could use sublimation printing in the textile industry, and sublimation printing T-shirts is the output.

The steps of making sublimation printing t-shirt areas:

[1] Use your design software for creating your design.
[2] Use sublimation ink for pressing into sublimation paper.
[3] After pressing on paper, transfer the design onto your fabric permanently. The fabric must be 100% polyester.
[4] Then heat it until the ink disintegrates into the fabric.
[5] Then you will get your sublimation printing t-shirt.

You can use various types of color for sublimation printing. Consequently, your t-shirt may look attractive. Further, you can print images or logos onto your t-shirts with the help of sublimation printing. You can print your photo or your favorite person’s picture. So, it can be a pleasant gift as well and also could be a brand promoting item.

The unfortunate thing is the ultraviolet rays can damage the color of sublimation printing. So, you need to be careful about storing the process of sublimation printing t-shirts.

3 magical tips on how to store the sublimation printing t-shirts

 Keep the t-shirt in low humidity and a standard temperature environment. The familiar atmosphere has a 15 to 30° C temperature and a humidity of less than 55%.
 Never leave your t-shirt in a very sunny environment because sunlight can defect the colors.
 Do not be rushed while washing the t-shirt.

Why is sublimation printing not transferring?

For making sublimation printing on t-shirts, mugs, plates, or clocks, you need to transfer sublimation printing from sublimation paper to your product.
If your sublimation printing is not transferring, you can ensure that you are not using the color correction software properly. Your ink is missing to color the design, or even your ink is finished.
So, check the ink box; if your ink is finished, put it on. Furthermore, at the time of printing, you should use applicable color correction software.

How durable is sublimation printing?

Sublimation ink is used for sublimation printing. This extraordinary printing is durable, or even it can last for a long lifespan.

But the sustainability mostly depends on the ink, paper, and printer quality. If you can provide good quality substance and a high-performance sublimation printer, your sublimation printed product may last for more than ten years.

How much does a sublimation printer cost?

We can use sublimation printers for household work as well as for professional work. The cost varies on the quality. With a big budget, you will get tremendous performance than a low-budget sublimation printer.
The cost starts from 300$ to 600$. The more you can pay, the better you will get.
It sounds expensive one. But after some calculation, you can realize it is a cost-effective one. You can produce a massive amount of products per day with this printer. So, you will start to earn profit fast.

Where can I buy a sublimation printer?

We offer high-quality sublimation printing machines that can be used to print on all kinds of materials, including fabric, paper, and plastic film. To buy your sublimation printer from Easty ltd, please visit our website. Easty Ltd is also available in Alibaba Online Store

Final thought 

Sublimation printing is a digital printing process by sublimation mechanism. It has some incredible benefits and also some flaws. Overall, it is profitable though it is pretty affordable. You can use sublimation printing to print on different kinds of products. Indeed, it is a better printing method than other printing systems. 

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