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Dye sublimation printing

What is Sublimation Printing?

A chemical process, with the help of modern technology, sublimation process is being used in various sectors like garments, cleaners, toiletries, accessories, etc.  Suppose you are interested to know about sublimation and sublimation printing. You are in the right place. Easty After looking over beginning to end. You will get appropriate explanations for all your […]

sublimation on cotton

Sublimation on Cotton

Sublimation on Cotton Heat Transfer Vinyl:  A new and revolutionary heat transfer vinyl that can be sublimated! And can  be directly printed on with your sublimation system and then applied to not only polyester fabrics but also 100 % cotton, rayon, and cotton/poly blends. ( Procedure: It is available in sheets as well as rolls, […]

Quick Guide to Sublimation Blanks

Sublimation creates versatile transferring opportunities for your crafters and business start-ups. You could ask, what is sublimation Blanks? How exactly it works, or Which substrates are receivable for Sublimation? What is sublimation Blanks? Sublimation blanks are a great way to create custom promotional products with your logo. It is often used for t-shirts, mugs, and […]

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