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best heat press machines

Best Heat Press Machines 2021

Best Heat Press Machines 2021: if you need the precise and cool transformation of design heat transfer machine are among the best way to get that done. Technically heat transfer machine is the machine that allows digital design to transfer on material by using heat, appropriate pressure and specific time.

There are many ways to transfer digital print on substrate Like Screen printing and Direct-to-garment (DTG) methods but Heat printing is the faster and easier way of transferring Design to substrate and many types of heat transfer machines are used in market that are useful (1):

Top Best Heat Press Machines 2021

ClamShell Heat press:  The most common and extensively used heat transfer machine is clamshell, you can use this for extensive work such that to do heat transfer designs on Mugs, boxes and sweatshirts. It can be open like a clam; they feature a hinge in between the lower and upper platens which enables t open or close. It can be classified into manual and automatic. As in manual you have to open and close the plates manually. Advantage of this machine is that you can easily fix into your home, there is no space issue. Disadvantage is that as of pressure limitation it cannot be good for thicker garments. (2)


Key Feature:

EHP-3838Working Size + system38*38cm (14.96” x 14.96”)manual + magnetic
G.W.48kg (106lb)
EHP-4050Working Size + system0*50cm (15.75” x 19.69”)manual + magnetic
G.W.53kg (117lb)
EHP-4060Working Size + system40*60cm (15.75” x 23.62”)manual + magnetic
G.W.58kg (128lb)
Voltage              110V/ 220V

2-Swinger/Swing Away Heat Press Machine:

Swinger heat press machine has two plates and the upper plat swing away from lower plate to provide maximum space for lower plate to place the fabric or garment on it. The top plate is hot and the lower one is the cooler. For press the top plate swings back to the lower plate. Advantages: 1- due to swing of hotter plate there is no fear to touch during placing the object or garment. 2– it can be easily handled the thicker and thinner fabrics 3– it provides the even heat and pressure in all dimensions. 4- As it is easier to operate so suitable for Beginners.  Disadvantages: it is not portable due to size and need more space than clamshell. (4)


Key Features:

Star Combo SeriesStarLUXC8-1(2938)StarLUXC8-1(3838)StarLUXC8-1(3343)Star-CapStar Ball
VoltageSingle Phase 110V / 220V, 60HZ/50HZ
Power1250W / 1500W
500W / 700W
Working SizeT-Shirt29*38cm38*38cm33*43cm


Common Mug5.5-7.5cm, 7.5-9.5cm
Conical Mug12OZ, 17OZ
Plate8”, 10”
Temp & Time Range
0-280℃ (0-536°F)  &  0-999Sec
Wooden Case Packing Size




Draw Heat Press: Just similar to swinger heat press machine but in this case the loader lower cooler plate is swing from the hotter top plate. It is portable and took less space than the swinger machine. It has less risk for being touché the hotter plat than Swinger machine.


Sublimation Heat Press: For high quality digital printing, sublimation heat press is the best option. It has larger area to work and creates sharper and clearer designs. It is perfect to print on t-shirt, sweatshirts and other larger items. (6)


phone case, t-shirt, mousepad, puzzle,tile, cap, babybib, keyring, mirror, tie MDF coaster, fridge magnet, pillow case, flip flop, bags,towel , can cooler, power bank, dog tag, pendant, notebook (7)


Key Features: 


T-shirt Heat press machine 12×15: 

The cheapest t-shirt heat press machine, it can press by using high temperature and pressure for the certain time, the transfer is permanent embedded into the product. It is professionally recommended because home iron can’t not maintain the temperature that is needed for transferring.

Key Features:

AutomationSemi Automatic
ApplicationAll flat blanks  e.g phone case,t shirt,mousepad,puzzle,tile,cap,baby bib,keyring,mirror,tie MDF coaster,fridge magnet,pillow case,flip flop,bags,towel ,can cooler,power bank,dog tag,pendant,notebook
Capacity1-50 PCS
Temperature170-180 Celisus

T-shirt Heat press machine 15×15:

It is the dual digital Transfer sublimation machine, having intelligent digital time and temperature control with memory function. It is mechanically different from Swing and Clam press machine. It has horizontal axis to contact with the flat heater. The maximum opening angle is 45. 

It can transfer print on T-shirt, puzzles and mouse Pad. (7)

Mug Automatic sublimation Heat Press Machine:

It is automatic sublimation printing machine, it is the first pneumatic mug printing machine that has no need to press. When you put object into the machine it will press and handle by itself. Besides it  is an automatic function, its weight and volume is very small. It’s a portable machine:


Key Feature

Star Mug Heat PressStar Magnetic Mug 4-1Star Magnetic Mug 6-1Star MagneticStar Mug Press 5-1Star Multi Mug Press 5-1
Mug 8-1
Operation VoltageSingle Phase 110V / 220V, 60HZ/50HZ
Working SizesCommon Mug6oz/11oz2.5oz/6oz/11oz2.5oz/6oz/11oz/6oz-15oz/11oz-15oz5pcs 7.5-9.5cm for common mugs5.5-7.5cm,7.5-9.5cm for common mugs each 5pcs
Conical Mug12oz/17oz1.5oz/12oz/17oz1.5oz/12oz/17oz
Tem. & Time Range0-280℃ (0-536°F)  &  0-999Sec
Wooden Case Packing Size39x36x29cm (15”x14”x11”)95*35*28cm (37”x14”x11”)
Gross Weight10kgs(22lbs)12kgs(26lbs)14kgs(31lbs)33kgs(73lbs)36kgs(79lbs)


  1. Intelligent temperature control
  2. Long service life
  3. Two temperature display (F0 & 0C ) (7)


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