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Product Item : Easty Star T-shirt Heat Press
Star Auto Clam A / AS
Star Auto Clam B / BS
Star Auto Clam C / CS
Product description : EastyLtd Star Heat Press is leading dye sublimation, best heat transfer machine for dye sub printing

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*  Touch screen controller with high accuracy, automatic temperature tracking function (temp. accuracy to±0.5°C)
*  Heating wire and plate embedded in a whole piece with protection casting, safe, durable, even heat distribution
*  Precise line pipe technology adopted, ensure the uniformity and stability of temperature
*  Digital time controller with alert indication
*  Automatic opening mechanism to prevent overheating and scorching.
*  3/4″ thick non-sticky coating on plate’s surface
*  User friendly optional sliding table design with individual digital time, temperature, and pressure indicator.
*  CE/FC/ROHS approved, °F or °C exchange flexibly


Star Auto Clam Presses Star-A Star-AS Star-B Star-BS Star-C Star-CS
Operation Voltage Single Phase 110V / 220V, 60HZ/50HZ
Power 1800W / 2000W /2200W
Working Sizes 40*40cm(16”x16”)  /  40*50cm(16”x20”)  /  40*60cm(16”x24”)  /  50*60cm(20”x24”)
Temperature & Time Range 0-280℃ (0-536°F)  &  0-999Sec
Packing Size(Wooden Case) 89.5*52*58cm (35”x20”x23”)
Gross Weight (KGS) 37.8/41/54/59 43/47/60/65 37.8/41/54/59 43/47/60/65 37.8/41/54/59 43/47/60/65

Other heat press parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)

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