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Sublimation Substrate

Sublimation printing technology is more popular and accepted by market now, it’s fast growing in not only in textile industrial, signage commercial printing, but also in many other applications, like graphic arts, event photography, which allow you to produce CMYK color images on surface of different material. Except Easty Heat Press and Dye Sublimation printer, sublimation substrate will also affect the sublimation quality. That’s why Easty offers one-stop solution to make sure our client has the best dye sub media options today, which include,

*Dye Sublimation Paper (with fast dry or tacky paper ranges from 30-120gsm); *Sublimation Ink (CMYK, White);

*Heat Transfer Vinyl (PU, foil, Glitter, holographic etc.);

*Fabric/textile (polyester, nylon, lycra, chiffon); blanks, Sublimation metal,

*Nomex Felt for Heat Press, Sponge for Heat Press, etc.


Sublimation has been widely used in multiple industries, carpets, drapes, clothes, beddings, car interiors, decoration, even rifle butts are all sublimated using one method of sublimation or another. Sublimation substrates have come a long way in past years and no reason that trend is to change. Manufacturers alike are investing a lot in perfecting what Easty has and coming up with new products to fill needs not yet perceived.