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Product Item : 3 Layer Formula
Product description : Easty offers premium heat transfer paper which is 100% sustainable wood pulp and renewable. No chromatic aberration in transfer print, and stable color expression in case of different drying times of image.

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Easty offers a range of different Dye Sublimation papers! These quality sublimation transfer papers can be used to make custom garments, and fit for Epson, Ricoh, Virtuoso, Mimaki, and Mutoh printers.

Easty heat transfer paper is with unique 3 layer coating, making it one of the best ink absortption paper in dye sublimation market. The dye sublimation paper is fast dry-time and offers a broad range of capabilities. Whatever size or printer dye sublimation paper you need, we have it.

Dye Sublimation Paper Application
1)  Apparel (lycra, cycling, polyamide, swim & surfwear, polyester(stretch), running, icehockey wear

2)  Availability (flags, banners, felts, gaming tables, home textiles

3)  Hard Substrates (ceramics, metal plates, skis, snowboards)

Dye Sublimation Paper Features

  1. 100% sustainable wood pulp
  2. 100% no brightener added, no chlorine elements, no harmful gas
  3. 3 layer formula with 400% of ink absorption
  4. Good ink compatibility, high ink tolerance of paper with different surface tensions, supporting industrial-level production.
  5. Less than 2% of width tolerance, neat section of coiling block, precise paper feeding,
  6. No deformation in case of large ink, high-speed and low-level printing.
  7. High heat stability, no deformation, wrinkle-free, high paper strength
  8. 100g/㎡, 90g/㎡, 70g/㎡, 60g/㎡, 50g/㎡, 40g/㎡ available
  9. Stable production for long run order
  10. Less ink needed for high quality paper, so save ink cost


Easty Heat Transfer Paper Model Weight
3200 (126″)
2600 (102″)
1950 (77″)
1800 (71″)
1700 (67″)
1620 (64″)
Standard TPS-900 90 ×
TPS-700 70 × ×
TPS-600 60 × ×
TPS-500 50 × ×
TPS-1000 1000 × ×
TPO-420 42
Sticky TPS-1000S 100 × ×
TPS-900S 90 ×
TPS-700S 70 × ×


* Normally 49 rolls heat transfer paper /pallet for width 1.62m or above; 56 rolls for 0.914m; 84 rolls for 0.61m.

* Dye Sublimation Paper length can be made as 100m, 150m and 200m length, other width and sizes available upon request


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