Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Easty Premium Heat Transfer Vinyl creates quality, high performing designs. Our heat transfer material combines durability with super stretch ability to deliver a remarkable heat transfer material. Our Premium HTV has an ultra-matte finish and soft, thin texture that is available in 24 colors. The vinyl is laminated onto a pressure sensitive carrier sheet that allows for cutting and weeding detailed designs. With Certificate, it’s safe on garments for all ages!



l  PU composition; Pressure sensitive backing; Ultra matte finish; 85 Microns / 3.5 Mils; 45°/60° blade; Can be layered

l  Time: 15 Seconds; Temperature: 305° F / 150° C; Pressure: Medium-Firm; Peel: HOT or COLD

l  No dry clean; Machine wash WARM/mild detergent; Dry at normal setting; No chlorine bleach; Wait 24 hours before wash

l  Actual product width is +/- 11.75″, please allow +/- 0.25″ for manufacturing variance



Model Heat Transfer Vinyl


Heat Transfer Vinyl


Heat Transfer Vinyl


Transfer paper for Leather


Raw Material PU (PET surface)
Finishing Gloss or Matt
Print/Cut Cut Laser cut only Cut Eco Print
Thickness 150micron (120micron)
Color 24 vivid color 24 solid color Fluorescent, gold, silver, stripe white
Sizes 0.5 * 25 m 0.5 * 25 m 0.5 * 25 m 0.5 * 50 m
Packing Size 0.155 * 0.155 * 0.53 m 0.155 * 0.155 * 0.53 m 0.155 * 0.155 * 0.53 m 0.53 * 0.185 * 0.36 m
Gross Weight 4.5 kgs 4.5 kgs 4.5 kgs 12 kgs
Production time 17 days 10 days 10 days 10 days
Packing Export Carton Packing

l  MOQ is 10 rolls


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