Snap frame

Snap frame

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Product description : Snap frame

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● silver anodized 32mm snap frame
● chromed round corners or mitred corner available, MDF back board, 0.28mm anti-reflex front film
● wall mounting plugs / hooks
● standard size: A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2, custom size available
● individual box packing
* snap frame- round /mitred corner
* Graphic size: A0(841×1189mm), A1(594×841mm), A2(420×594mm),
A3(294×420mm), A4(210*297mm) ,B1(707×1000mm), B2(500*707mm)
* Net weight:A0-3.5kgs, A1-2.6kgs, A2-1.8kgs, A3-1kgs, A4-0.7kgs,
B1-3.3kgs, B2-2.2kgs
* Package: A0, B1-5pcs/ctn, A1,A2,A3,A4,B2-10pcs/ctn
* Gross weight: A0-23kgs, A1-32kgs, A2-21.8kgs, A3-13kgs, A4-9kgs,
B1-20.5kgs, B2-25.4kgs
* Outer carton size:A0-125×90×17cm, A1-90×66×31cm, A2-66×48×31cm,
A3-48×36×31cm, A4-36×28×31cm, B1-106×77×17cm, B2-77×56×31cm
* Measurement:A0-0.191m³, A1-0.184m³, A2-0.098m³, A3-0.054m³, A4-0.031m³,
B1-0.139m³, B2-0.134m³


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