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Product Item : Free PVC Foam / Celuka PVC Foam / Extrusion PVC Foam
Product description : Easty Ltd has eight production lines for the high quality PVC foamex boards which meet the international advanced level. Customized protection film is available upon request.

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  • Quality excellent
  • Price moderate
  • Innovative technology
  • Delivery on time
  • After service assured
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PVC foam manufacturer, Easty offers Lightweight & rigid expanded PVC foam for POP, signage, and interior & exterior applications

– Hard and rigid
– Fine printability
– Best value for exterior signage
– Good weathering properties
– Customized protection film is available upon request
– Can be hot forming, heat bending & folding
– Fire resistance, high insulation
– Moisture, mold, non-absorbent properties, shockproof and waterproof

– Solvent
– UV and screen printing
– POP signs
– Signboards

– Raw materials: PVC Resin
– Color: White / Grey / Black / Yellow / Blue / Red / Green
– Size (L x W): 2.44m x 1.22m (length can be customized)
– Packing: Carton box (Metal pallet is available upon request)
– Packing size (L x W x H): 2.46m x 1.24m x 0.07m

Data Sheet

Thickness Density Ranges (g/m³) Packing (pcs/ctn) MOQ
1mm 0.80-0.90 (free foam) 40pcs 300pcs
2mm 0.40-0.66 (free foam) 30pcs 300pcs
3mm 0.40-0.90 (free foam or extrusion) 20pcs 300pcs
4mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam) 15pcs 300pcs
5mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam or extrusion) 12pcs 300pcs
6mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam) 10pcs 300pcs
8mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam or celaka) 8pcs 500pcs
10mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam or celaka) 6pcs 500pcs
12mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam or celaka) 5pcs 500pcs
15mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam or celaka) 4pcs 500pcs
18mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam or celaka) 3pcs 500pcs
20mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam or celaka) 3pcs 1000pcs
25mm 0.40-0.58 (free foam) 2pcs 1000pcs


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