Fusing Machine

Easty EFM-H Fusing Stamping Heat Press Machine (High End)
Product description : Easty Fusing machine is designed for efficiency offers, in addition to comfortable operation for conducive working and effective workflow, the latest generation of controls.

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Easty Fusing machine is designed to fuse a fusible media to a base fabric through a process of heat, pressure and time. It is normally used for attaching the interlining with the textile. Fuse machine is significantly used in the garments manufacturing industry.

EFM fusing machine not only offers efficiency, but also comfortable operation for conducive working and effective workflow. With  lastest control, its heating modules are with registers and control zones configured in terms of optimum energy efficiency. Even under maximum load, silicone coated pressure rollers with large diameters and separate deflection rollers can keep the pressure constant over the complete belt width.


  • User-friendly timer & pressure control
  • Independent upper and lower roller temperature precise control
  • Reliable dual pressure to fit various material
  • Equipped with Cooling stop function
  • Encapsulated axis to protect belts, easier maintenance
  • Automatic alignment for belt for various width model
  • With seamless Teflon belt, with unique drying system for efficiency


EFM-H Fusing Machine EFM-60-H EFM-90-H EFM-120-H EFM-180-H
Working Width 600mm (24”) 900mm (35”) 1200mm (47”) 1800mm (71”)
Power 11KW 13KW 18KW 21KW
Voltage Single phase, 220V / 380V / 420V
Working Temperature 0-200℃
Working Speed Up to 8m/min
Time Range 0-999 second
Packing Size 2090*1080*1360mm 2320*1520*1400mm 2330*1880*1690mm 2440*1610*1960mm
Net Weight 300kgs 500kgs 800kgs 1050kgs
Gross Weight 350kgs 570kgs 880kgs 1150kgs

A. Other sizes models are available upon request

B. Consumable Parts are not under warranty, other machine sizes available upon request

C. Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)

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