Rotary Heat Press SOT

Calander Heat Press Machine

Product Item : Easty SOT (Entry Roll & Piece)
Product description : Easty SOT Rotary Heat Press is leading sublimation calender Oil Heat Press for dye sublimation, it is equipped with many unique features, making it ideal choice for various roll to roll sublimation jobs

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Rotary Heat Press SOT is entry level small format heat transfer machine. It is able to lower cost to handle small production of roll-to-roll or cut piece dye sublimation jobs. Easty SOT heat press occupies small workplace and only one operator is needed, which saves power and labor cost.



A. Suitable for roll-to-roll & Piece-by-piece jobs

B. With 3 pairs of CNC cutting Feeding and Take-up Rolls. Rigid rolls prevent deforming, no curl and ripple pattern for ultra-long transfer without tracking.

C. Stainless steel heating rollers, CNC forming ensure smoothness of the surface

D. 70% blanket coverage, reduce heat lost & ensure a good transfer result.

E. Upper feeding to keep accuracy and lower the fault rate in process.

F. Oil heating design, distributes heat evenly across the drum.

G. Optional Blanket Auto Alignment



Easty Calendar Heat Press SOT-1220 SOT-1320 SOT-1720
Heating Media Oil Heating
Voltage  Single Phase 220V
Drum Diameter 200mm (7.9”)
Transfer Speed Up to 0.5m/min (5.4”/min)
Max. Temperature 240℃ (464 ºF)
Heating Power 4.5KW 5KW 9KW
Heat Element 3 pcs 3 pcs 6 pcs
Transfer width 1220mm (48”) 1370mm (54”) 1700mm (64”)
Piece or Rolls Jobs Yes (3 feeding & 3 collecting rollers)
Felt Release Yes, by hand crank
Table size(m) 1.63*0.8*0.95m(64”*32”*38”) 1.73*0.8*0.95m(68”*32*38”) .9*0.62*0.68m(75”*25”*27”)
Machine size(m) 1.85*0.66*1.25m(73”*26”*50”) 1.95*0.66*1.25m(77”*26”*50”) 2.45*0.72*1.3m(96”*28”*51”)
Packing size(m) 2.01*0.85*1.52m(79”*34”*60”) 2.15*0.86*1.53m(84”*34”*60”) 2.64*0.95*1.6m(104”*38”*63”)
Gross Weight 432.5kg (953lb) TBD 984kg (2169lb)

*  Rotary Heat Press blanket and oil drum are not under warranty

*  Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)

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