Easty Flatbed Applicator

Product Item : EFA-1325/1630/1632 Cold/Warm
Product description : EastyLtd manufactures wide range leading Cold, Heat Assisted and hot Laminator, also offer the best desktop laminator, liquid laminator, flatbed applicator with competitive price today. Buy your ideal flatbed laminadoras now!

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EASTY Flatbed Applicator has revolutionized the finishing work of many sign makers. Using manual processes for sign making can make it difficult to meet your customer’s growing demands. Many of the manual procedures are strenuous, time consuming and demanding – and results can vary. EASTY Flatbed Applicator gives you perfect results in a third of the time.

Change to the EASTY flatbed laminator production method today.

Pneumatically controlled roller which is automatically adjusted for substrates; Flatbed worktable with a uniquely designed self- healing cutting mat; Roll holder on glide beam for pre-masking tape and laminate.



– Adjustable setting for the roller accommodates different substrates – Capacity and Versatility Increased
– Top heated high-quality silicone rollers – heavy duty work and longer service life
– Unique anti-tilt and anti-folding system – ensures the straighten
– Automatic and accurate Pressure adjustment
– Optional heating system – Can finish better and faster
– Safety Laminating Glass and Silicon Cutting Mat — high quality and good protect
– Single-side Hot and Low Heat Lamination
– Lamination Width Up To 1.6m (1632mm)



Easty Flatbed Applicator
EFA-1325 Cold/Warm
EFA-1630 Cold/Warm
EFA-1632 Warm
Max. laminate width 1325mm (52”) 1630mm (63”) 1632mm (64”)
Max.laminate thickness 2500mm (98”) 3000mm (118”) 3200mm (126”)
Max.working thickness 50mm (2”)
Diameter of Upper Roller 130mm (Silicon)
Lifting method Pneumatic
Warm up Time 5-10min (for Heat Assisted Model)
Working type Manual
Pressure/Height Adjust Automatic
Power 600w/2000w
Voltage 110v/220v
Side tray Optional
Packing Size Cold:



318*166*112cm (12.5”x6.5”x4.4”)




387*201*114cm (15.2”x7.9”x4.4”)



Net Weight 400kgs (881 lbs) 500kgs (1102 lbs) 600kgs (1322 lbs)
Gross Weight 500kgs (1102lbs) 700kgs (1543 lbs) 800kgs (1763 lbs)

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