Large Format Laser Cutter for Flag Fabric Signage Textile (Mark Point)

Product description : Laser Cutter

Easty LC fabric cutter/engraver has been an efficient and accurate solution to cut or engrave complex shapes and design into various textile and fabric.

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LC Large format fabric laser cutter systems are ideally suitable for cutting of textiles: Modern fabrics, spacer fabrics, fleece and needle felt, as well as glass fiber fabric, thermo-resistant and other technical textiles are cut by lasers.

Fabric Cutter’s contactless processing is with the laser beam and the distortion-free cutting. Its high precision are crucial arguments for the use of laser technology in textile processing.

Easty LC Laser cutter/engraver has been an efficient and accurate solution to cut or engrave complex shapes and design into various textile and fabric. With profound experience in laser cutting technology, our knowledge gained, combined with customer feedback led to further development and optimization of Easty’s laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting of textiles takes place contactless and without distortion. Thus, fabrics, technical textiles, fleece, synthetics or felt can exactly be cut. The textile reacts very well during processing, as the laser beam fuses edges and prevents fraying. It has been a great advantage over knife cutters. As fabric laser cutting is a non-contact process, there’s no need to change cutting tools and there’s no stress, wear or deformation on the material.


Signage Textile, Display Fabric, Tention Fabric, flag, sportswear, jersey, cloth, banner, tent, inflatable model, advertisement, printing, hot air balloon, canvas, etc. (Mark Point)


A. Feeding and scanning at the same time, high efficiency, camera positioning and cutting speed as 10-50m/min (Mark Point)

B. Integrated auto multifunction edge tracking, mode template cutting, auto contour extraction and intelligent identification, High speed efficiency and cutting speed as 8-48m/min (Visual scan model)

C. Auto correction for stretching, distortion, nice cutting edge with increasing 40 times edge strength

D. Fully capable with auto feeding device for continuous high speed production to save labor cost

E. Auto partial cutting in case over size material, space saving and higher integration


Easty Laser Cutter LC-1610S

(top camera)


(top camera)


(top camera)


(top camera)


(mark point Super Length)

Laser Type Hermetia and detached CO2 Laser Tube
Laser Power Standard 130W (Optional 80W / 100W / 150W)
Working Area (cm) 160*100 180*100 180*140 160*250 320*150
Software Easty Professional Controlling Software
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Speed 8000mm-48000mm/min(top camera); 1000-50000mm/min(super length);
Accuracy < = +- 0.01mm
Cutting Power Control Micro Tuning
Operation Voltage 220V +-10%, 50-60HZ
Moving System Branded Servo System
Parts Wind Pump, Pipe
Data Format AI / BMP / PLT / DXF / DST
Remark Other machine sizes available upon request, Optional US later generator can be upgraded

A. Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time, not include consumable parts)

B. Our users inlcude: Disney, Nike, Adidas, Decathlon, Paradise, Sefar, Kappa, Great Wall, Faurecia, etc.

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Fabric Laser Cutter


Large Format Laser Cutter for Flag is a must if you are looking to enhance the filigree detailing in your textile and substrate. Fabric laser cutter use a laser beam to cut fabrics with superior finish and production time. The process is fast and delivers accurate precision with each cycle.

Easty brings the best lineup of Fabric laser cutters with advanced features like edge tracking enabling direct cutting of fabric roll. Contactless processing using laser beams resulting in distortion-free cutting is one of the reasons why laser cutters are in huge demand. Laser cutters eliminate extra costs since there is absolutely no tool wear and reaches the best filigree detailing in the garments.

Large Format Laser cutter for Flags edit the fabric without damaging it, reduces fraying, and leave zero room for rough edges. High-end luxury apparel often employs laser cutting tech for better aesthetic value. Keeping these benefits in mind, Easty has curated and provided cost-effective line-ups of laser cutters that rank high in production output.

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