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Product description : Easty Ltd Thermoforming vacuum forming machine

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PS, PVC, Acrylic and various types of thermoforming material to form character, signage patterns



l  High reflective material to gather Energy and save power

l  Heating by Infrared quartz tube, and equipped with reflex system (life rated at 8,000-10,000 hours)

l  Max. heating temperature is 200℃, normally 80℃ for PS and Acrylic Sheet

l  Heating cover filled with rock wool board to preserve heat and protect operators

l  Easy to read and user friendly control for temperature, Vacuum and Voltage meter etc.

l  Strict CNC cutting, vibrated to release inner stress of steel, 3 times electrostatic spray, Corrosion-Proof and Durable

l  “#” Structure Table, fine wire PU flexible Pipe, low tem. resistance, bear huge pressure



Vacuum Forming Machine EVF-1212 EVF-1325 EVF-2030 EVF-0606 P EVF-1212 P EVF-1325 P EVF-1830 P
Heat Element Infrared quartz tube
Working Size 1.2*1.2m 1.3*2.5m 2.0*3.0m 0.6*0.6m 1.2*1.2m 1.3*2.5m 1.8*3.0m
Media Thickness 2-6mm (0.079” – 0.236”)
Mold Thickness <80mm (3.15”) 200mm 200-500mm 300-500mm
Total Power 8KW 12KW 20KW 4KW 8KW 22KW 28KW
Heating Area 1 2 1 / 2 / 3 1 1 2 1 / 2 / 3
Suction Holes 1 3 3 Small Hole 1 3 3
Voltage 3 Phase 220V/380V
Opening way Auto Open by Air Cylinder
Machine Size 1550*1500*1300mm 2650*1500*1300mm 3150*2200*1300mm 1240*1050*1450mm 1900*1850*1450m 2850*1620*1550mm 3350*2200*1550mm/1650/1750mm
Weight 400kgs 700kgs 1200kgs 350kgs 550kgs 850kgs 1200kgs
Accessories Need to work with Air Compressor with 2.2KW (not included)
Optional To bundle with Acrylic Trimmer Machine (for letters or light box)

Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)

You may work with our acrylic sheet


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