Sportswear Rotary Heat Press | Calendar Heat Press for Sublimation Printing

Easty EST2 rotary heat press has been latest oil filled sealed drum continuous calendar Heat Transfer Machine on the market. While fast, they come with strict standards for durability, stability, and efficiency.

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Sportswear Rotary Heat Press Brochure

Sportswear Rotary Heat Press EST2-Lite is designed to meet basic needs, which fully capable for various quality Roll-to-Roll & Roll-by-Sheet jobs.

EST2-H = EST2-Lite + Pressure Bar + Auto Felt Centering Device

Easty EST2 has been latest oil filled sealed drum continuous calendar Heat Press on the market. While fast, they come with strict standards for durability, stability, and efficiency. EST2 sportswear rotary heat press is all you need to kickstart your dye sublimation printing business. It’s for efficient and stable sublimation printing on roll-to-roll, roll-by-piece jobs as well as color fixation.

As a small format and mid-level press, EST2 sportswear rotary heat press offers innovative design with heavy-duty frame, full-automation, quality electric parts and components, like all other Easty heat presses. The drum with 6 elements and oil filled design ensure consistent heating throughout drum surface. Its dual layer hard chrome drum diameter is 8.27” (210mm), which can operate at 230℃ of temperature, achieving high transfer speed with strictly even temperature.

Both air shafts and conveyor belt can be upgraded for more user-friendly operation as well. Quality is never compromised with high price value.

Calendar Press Features

  • Transfer Printing
  • Direct inks reactivation
  • Thermosetting – heatsetting

Calendar Press Features

  • Auto shut-down (when cool down to 100℃)
  • Oil filled heating system with Sealed switch, Dual-layer hard chrome drum
  • With working table (metal plate) & 3 pairs tension roll-to-roll system
  • Stronger heating elements (resistors)
  • Fabric feed from top of drum to avoid wrinkles
  • Nomex felt with manual tension adjustment & Auto felt-centering device
  • Felt can be fully released from drum in case black out
  • Optional External Power Box (Adjustable Power; Ammeter, Voltmeter detection; Fully separate parts from high temperature)
  • Optional Intelligent Touch Screen Control (Auto Switch On; User Friendly Settings; Smart Blanket Alignment)

Sportswear Rotary Heat Press Specifications

EUROTEC EST2 EST2-1221 Lite / EST2-1221H EST2-1721 Lite / EST2-1721H EST2-1821 Lite / EST2-1821H
Heating Media 100% Oil Heating + Heating Elements
Power(KW) 6KW, Single Phase 220V 11KW, Single or 3 Phases 12kw, Single or 3 Phases
Drum (mm) 210mm (8.27”) Hard Chrome, Oil Filled
Alignment Lite = Manual Felt Alignment / H = Auto Felt & Conveyor Alignment (conveyor is optional upgrade)
Heat Element 6pcs for oil heating
Transfer width 1.1m (43.31”) 1.6m (62.99”) 1.7m (66.93”)
Transfer speed 1-2m/min (39.37”-78.74”/min)
Process path Feeding in through top of drum
Application Roll-to-roll & Piece-by-piece
Rollers 3 pairs of feeding & collecting Roller (with tensioner & can be upgraded to air shaft)
Table size (W*L) 1300mm (51”) 2500mm (98”) 2500mm (98”)
Blanket size 1.15*1.7(2.05)m / 45” x 67”(81”) 1.65*1.7(2.05)m / 65” x 67”(81”) 1.75*1.7(2.25)m / 69” x 67”(81”)
Machine size

W*(L + L table)

1850*(755+1244)mm / 73”x80”

1850*(905+1244)mm / 73”x85”

2350*(755+1244)mm / 93”x80”

2350*(905+1244)mm / 93*85”

2450*(755+1244)mm / 96”x80”

2450*(905+1244)mm / 96”x85”

N.W. / G.W. 690kg(1521lb) / 890kg(1962lb) 820kg(1808lb) / 1016kg(2240lb) 920kg(2028lb) / 1116kg(2460lb)
Packing size 2040*1100*1440mm

(80.31” x 43.31” x 56.69”)


(98.42” x 45.28” x 60.63”)


(102.36” x 45.28” x 60.63”)

  • Parts are eligible for 1 year warranty under proper use (from EXW-factory time), not include consumables, felt & drum
  • Other machine sizes available upon request
  • Machine produced according to CE rules
  • HS Code: 8443399000

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