Easty Rotary Heat Press/Calender TTM

Easty Rotary Heat Press/Calender TTM

Product Item : Easty TTM (Entry Roll & Piece)
Product description : EastyLtd Rotary Heat Press is leading sublimation calender, as one of the best machine for dye sublimation, TTM Heat Transfer calendar is equipped with many unique features like auto blanket release, strong structure, etc., making it ideal choice for mass

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  • Innovative technology
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– Aligning blanket automatically

– Showing oil drum surface temperature

– Displaying accurate transfer speed

– Tightening and releasing blanket by motor

– Blanket coverage at least 60%

– Small warking table for ETTM-1732B


Data Sheet

Heating MediaOilOilOil
Voltage3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V
Pre-Heat Power16kW20kW30kW
Working Heating Power (70%)13KW16KW24KW
Heating Elements91212
Diameter of Drum320mm or 12.6″320mm or 12.6″320mm or 12.6″
Drum LayerDoubleDoubleDouble
Transfer Speedup to 2.5m/min or 8.2’minup to 2.5m/min or 8.2’minup to 2.5m/min or 8.2’min
Max Temperature260oC or 500oF260oC or 500oF260oC or 500oF
Transfer Width1650mm or 64″1950mm or 76″2450mm or 96″
Felt Width1800mm or 70″2100mm or 82″2600mm or 102″
Process PathFeed in BottomFeed in BottomFeed in Bottom
Function of Roll-to-rollYYY
Function of Piece-to-PieceYYY
Feeding Rollers333
Collecting Rollers333
Work TableNNN
Air CylinderNNN
Machine Dimension
(L x W x H)
2400mm x 850mm x 1500mm
94″ x 33″ x 59″
2800mm x 850mm x 1500mm
110″ x 33″ x 59″
3300mm x1200mm x1750mm
129″ x 47″ x 68″
Packing Size
(L x W x H)
2600mm x 1080mm x 1700mm
102″ x 42″ x 66″
3000mm x 1080mm x 1700mm
118″ x 42″ x 66″
3600mm x 1500mm x 2100mm
141″ x 59″ x 82″
Alignment SystemOptionalOptionalOptional


Operation Video for TTM-3300


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