Easty Rotary Heat Press/Calender ROT

Easty Rotary Heat Press/Calender ROT

Product Item : Easty ROT (Std. Lanyard, Belt & Ribbon)
Product description : Ribbon / Lanyard Oil Type Heat Press Heat Press, Calandra sublimacion, Rotary Heat Press, Calender sublimation Calendar Heat Transfer, RTR, Roller Drum Printing Heat Press

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Easty Ribbon / Lanyard ROT Sublimation Calender

– Rotary Heat Press for Ribbon / Lanyard ROT series is suitable for thermal transferring on various ribbon & garment which can be ironed and pressed, without limitation of width
– Feeding and collecting rolls and clothing pieces in parallel by roll-to-roll system without drifting the materials to left or right
– Blanket can be separated from oil tank easily

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