Easty Rotary Heat Press/Calender MOT-M

Easty Rotary Heat Press/Calender MOT-M

Product Item : Easty MOT-M (Std. Roll & Piece)
Product description : Rotary Heat Press MOT-M Heat Press, Calandra sublimacion, Rotary Heat Press, Calender sublimation Calendar Heat Transfer, RTR, Roller Drum Printing Heat Press

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Easty MOT machine is designed for multifunctional jobs in one machine (can do mass production of roll-to-roll or cut piece jobs. It got very good feedback for stability, vivid transfer effect and easy maintenance since launch in market many years ago.


l  MOT is suitable for thermal & low temperature transferring

l  Adjustable air pressure control system for perfect transferring

l  Blanket can be separated from oil tank manually when power failure

l  Stable temperature output, Teflon oil drum & precise mechanism

l  It can do jobs length over 100m without deflection

l  MOT-M is double layer drum structure while MOT-S is single layer

l  Applied for Garment sheets / Fabric rolls / Flags / Socks / Blanket / Curtain etc.

l  Large drum diameter and width can be customized up to 3.6m (glass not included)


Easty Calender MOT-1742M MOT-2642M MOT-1742S
Heating Media Oil Heating, 50% Full
Voltage 3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V
Drum Diameter 420mm or 16.5″ (Available in 600mm/800mm/1000mm), Double Layer
Transfer Speed Up to 1.5m/min (4.9”/min)
Max. Temperature 260℃ (500 ºF)
Heating Power 20KW 33KW 20KW
Heat Element 12 pcs 12 pcs 12 pcs
Transfer width 1600mm (63”) 2500mm (98”) 1600mm (63”)
Piece or Rolls Jobs Yes (3 feeding & 2 collecting rollers)
Felt Release Yes, by hand crank
Table size(m) 1.86*1.92*1.01m(73″x75″x40″) 2.86*1.92*1.01m(113″x75″x40″) 1.86*1.92*1.01m(73″x75″x40″)
Machine size(m) 2.45*0.99*1.32m(96″x39″x51″) 3.29*0.99*1.32m(130″x39″x51″) 2.45*0.99*1.32m(96″x39″x51″)
Packing size(m) 2.65*1.3*1.63m(104″x51″x64″) 3.60*1.30*1.63m(141″x51″x64″) 2.65*1.3*1.63m(104″x51″x64″)
Gross Weight 1650kg(3630lb) 1900kg or 4180lb 1650kg(3630lb)
Net Weight 1500kg (3300lb) 1700kg or 3740lb 1500kg (3300lb)

l  Blanket and oil drum are not under warranty

l  Other parts are eligible for 12 months warranty under proper use (starting from EXW-factory time)

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