Easty Heat Press/Plancha ECP

Easty Heat Press/Plancha ECP

Product Item : Eurotec ECP (Cap)
Pneumatic Cap Press
Magnetic Auto Open Cap Press
Manual Cap Press
Product description : EastyLtd Eurotec ECP Cap Heat Press is leading dye sublimation, best heat transfer machine for dye sub, quality reliable popular heat presses, multifunction for clamshell pneumatic, unique high end and ideal planchas de sublimacion

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  • Price moderate
  • Innovative technology
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Auto Open Cap Heat Press is suitable for printing most caps. The convenient pneumatic automatic opening feature allows freedom to place the transfers quickly making batching large orders easy. Includes LCD controller to preset desired time and an audible alarm will sound when time is complete. It also features a cap hold down device, heating element that’s thicker for an even temperature compared to other machines, silicone rubber base pad, and complete pressure adjustment.
* Model available for manual or pneumatic
* Advanced quick clip to support the heating plate and hand wheel,
* Practical and convenient, with adjustable gilding surface
* Equipped with LED intelligent control, and timer set up to 999 sec.
* Telfon anti-bonding coating for heating panel
* Intergrated design for heating elements, more safe and durable
* Branded silicon rubber and heat resistance up tp 350℃
* ECP Cap Press Manual / Pneumatic / Magnetic models
* Working size: 8cm * 15cm
* Operation Voltage: single phase, 110V / 220V
* Machine Size: 43cm * 33cm * 72cm

* Packing Size: 48cm * 38cm * 85cm
* Gross Weight: 35kg (pneumatic)

* Packing Size: 60cm * 31cm * 48cm
* Gross Weight: 17kg (magnetic open, carton box packing)
* Gross Weight: 25kg (magnetic open, wooden crate packing)

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