Clam Heat Press /Plancha Heat Press Clam

Clam Heat Press, Best Heat Press Clam

Product Item : Easty EYH Clam
Product description : Heat Press-Single Plate Type Plancha transfer Sublimacion, Plancha De Sublimacion Heat Press, dye sublimation

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Why Believe on Easty

  • Quality excellent
  • Price moderate
  • Innovative technology
  • Delivery on time
  • After service assured
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Features of Clam Heat Press

  • Clam Heat Press Perfect in transferring T-shirt, socks, garment, blanket, etc.
  • Power saving, accuracy and flexibility
  • Distributing heat evenly by advanced heating component
  • Single chip processor, LCD display, PID acounting device and PWM output design;
  • Integrated electrical control system
  • Convenient adjustment and maintenance
  • Substrate would not be stuck on heating plate.                                                  
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