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A heat press is a machine designed to print a design or graphic onto a substrate (such as a T-shirt) and apply heat and pressure for a preset time. Although heat presses are usually used to apply designs to fabrics, specially designed printing presses can also be used to print designs on cups, plates, puzzles, hats and other products. Both manual and automatic heat presses can be widely used. A new type of semi-automatic press has also entered the market, which allows manual closing process and automatic electromagnetic opening. The digital technology in the new machine allows precise control of heat and pressure levels and time. The most common type of heat press uses a flat plate to apply heat and pressure to the substrate. In the “housing” design, the upper thermal element of the press opens like a housing, while in the “flip” design, the hot plate is away from the lower plate. Another type of design, the “graphic printer”, allows the bottom platen to be pulled out like a drawer, away from the heat for graphic preparation. Vacuum presses use air pressure to provide the necessary force and can achieve high psi ratings. Most hot presses on the market today use aluminum top heating elements and cast heating rods or heating wires connected to the elements in aluminum. For mass operations involving continuous printing of items, automatic transfer and two-platen printing presses are used. The substrate to be printed is continuously loaded on the lower platen and transported under the hot platen, and then the necessary heat and pressure are applied. The pattern is printed on the sublimation paper with sublimation ink, which allows the pattern to be transferred. Using this technique, you can get some efficient modes and excellent results. Purpose The heat press is used to permanently apply heat transfer to the surface. Common transfer types are cutting thermal transfer vinyl with vinyl cutters, printable thermal transfer vinyl, inkjet transfer paper, laser transfer paper, plastisol transfer and sublimation. The use of a heat press for heat transfer is a way to ensure accurate time, temperature and pressure, which is essential for the transfer process. [1] Types of heat presses available Heat presses are divided into two main design styles: 1) Flat heat irons-including flip type (EHP), swing type (ESP) and Draw (EDP). There are some types of heat presses that can combine at least two of these three options, as Clammshell / Draw heat press, or Swing / Draw Hybrid. 2) Rotary heat press: roll-to-roll (ERT) type, multi-function type (EMT) or small size (EST). The hot press also has manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic use of compressed air or hydraulic systems.

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