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Laminator Machine for Sheets, Paper, Poster, Crafts, Laminator for paper … and much more.

Laminator are classified by their lamination processes. The five methods are liquid lamination, low-temperature lamination film, high-temperature lamination, pressure-sensitive lamination and the common thermal lamination. There’s special laminator machine that magnetize materials by heat-setting vinyl with ferro-magnetic elements inside, which causes the laminated poster to attract magnets. Desktop laminator machine are used to protect important documents.Easty offer professional laminator machine since 1998, which has cover full ranges of film, panel and liquid lamination, which include wide format hot laminator, cold laminator, heat assisted roll laminator, flatbed applicator, liquid laminator and desktop laminators, which is a device that covers material with a protective layer on both sides. Usually, this layer is a plastic film or in liquid, which is heat-bonded to the material and confers increased strength, durability and longevity to it.


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