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Advertising kiosk | Digital Kiosk Manufacturer

Advertising kiosk can bring Your Brand to Point of Sale. Influence point of sale decisions.

Easty is one of leading Digital Kiosk Manufacturer. Kiosks are large backlit printed advertising space located along surface streets and in lifestyle centers where they reach target audiences both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Kiosk advertising offers a unique opportunity for repetitive messaging along daily travel routes and can reach audiences where more traditional media may be zoned out.

They can be a standalone media plan or best utilized in conjunction with other OOH assets (billboards, digital, mobile, etc.).

Being located on the surface streets and in lifestyles centers often means that passing traffic is slower and therefore can offer longer dwell times with more opportunity for your brand to be seen.

  • Located on primary streets in high-profile areas
  • Kiosks target affluent shoppers where minimal advertising exists
  • Well-located advertising kiosks help keep your brand top of mind before the credit card swipe